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Ethnic Clarinet: Klezmer, Greek, Turkish and Balkan

Top Klezmer players prefer the Wurlitzer Reform-Böhm for its power and richness, its diversity of tone and flexibility, but most of all for its thoroughly vocal quality which enables a performer to really sing through the instrument.

Whether you are a Klezmer player or come from a tradition of Greek, Turkish, or Balkan music, the Wurlitzer C and B-flat Reform-Böhms will help you unlock a deeper voice. 

Like traditional music, which must be sustained through the generations by living breathing players, we at Wurlitzer we know that tradition can't be manufactured: only maintained.

Let our tradition serve yours.

The most well-known Klezmer clarinetist in the World, plays a Wurlitzer... shouldn't you?

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Wurlitzer Reform-Boehms are perfect for Ethnic Clarinetists